The Top 9 Benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Tour

Let’s explore the key benefits:

1. Save time

When you’re listing a new property for sale, you might end up receiving hundreds of phone calls & messages from potential clients wanting to find out additional information about the property. Meeting each of them and replying to their messages can be time-consuming. On top of that, some are just curious and have no intention to buy.

With a virtual tour, customers can see the property from any device. This results in buyers being more informed. This will free up your time, so you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

2. Reduce costs

Driving back and forth to meet potential clients and show them properties can be costly. Just think about how much money you’ll save on petrol!

The worst part is that you have no guarantee that they will buy. Perhaps they don’t like the hallway. Or they discover that the neighbourhood doesn’t quite suit them. Virtual tours help eliminate these issues. Your only job is to arrange the virtual tour photographer so that customers can check the property in advance.

3. Get more website traffic

This cutting-edge technology can drive massive traffic to your website. As a result, you will attract more clients.

Property listings with virtual tours receive over 40% more clicks compared to those using standard images. More clicks translate into higher traffic stats and increased sales. Additionally, your real estate website will rank better in search results.

4. Reduce your website’s bounce rate

A bounce rate represents the number of visitors who leave a website after seeing just one page. Virtual tours to keep visitors engaged for longer periods of time.

In general, virtual tours take at least one minute. This means that people will spend more time on your site. As a result, your bounce rate will drop, and low bounce rates result in more traffic and improved search engine rankings. They also help increase customer retention and boost your online exposure.

5. Get social media love

An eye-catching virtual tour is more likely to go viral. People will share it on social networks and tell their friends about it.

The search engines use social media signals as a ranking factor. If your website content goes viral on social networks, it will reflect positively on its rankings. Basically, you’ll get more traffic and appear higher in search results.

6. Get quality backlinks

Every time someone shares your virtual house tours online, your site receives a backlink. This not only increases traffic but also helps establish your authority online.

Quality backlinks are a key ranking signal. They can increase brand awareness, strengthen your reputation, and drive traffic for years to come.

7. Stand out from the crowd

The more traffic and links you get, the more people will find out about your site. Virtual house tours can give you a competitive edge and make your business stand out. They will add that “wow” factor to your listings.

On top of that, customers will trust you more than they trust the competition. Some might even congratulate you for coming up with such a great idea!

8. Increased convenience

When you’re showcasing a property, you first need to make sure the house is in pristine condition. But, it can be a hassle to ask the homeowners to clean every time the phone rings.

With virtual tours, you can show off the property in its very best condition. Moreover, you can highlight its key features to entice people into buying.

9. Provide a realistic experience

Virtual tours are like a permanent open house. Potential clients can access the tour 24/7 from their office or while on the road.

This technology helps create an instant sense of ownership. Those who take the tour can easily imagine themselves living in that house.